A properly rebuilt & recurved distributor is critical for engine optimization and performance.

We offer a range of distributor servicing options, from basic recurving to major restoration.

Why recurve?

When your vehicle was manufactured (perhaps 40 or 50 years ago), the fuels used were drastically different in composition to the fuel available today.

Modern fuels contain additives that affect the operation of vehicles.

Ascertaining the correct curve is a precise science, and almost every engine will differ from the next.

Our technical team rely on decades of data & knowledge to develop a curve specifically suited to your application.

We use syncrograph test benches and a combination of custom made and factory weights & springs to recurve and remap distributors.

Cam specs, compression ratio, fuel type, transmission, stall convertor, turbo & supercharging all have a significant affect on how we develop ignition curves.

If you're looking for fuel economy, improved throttle response and more power through the rev range, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Servicing & Rebuilding

Just like any other automotive component that is subjected to wear and tear, distributors require maintenance too.

In addition to manufacturing new distributors, we offer comprehensive servicing & rebuilding options.

A brief overview of our processes: 
- stripping distributor
- degrease, chemical wash & clean
- media blasting
- hydroblasting
- inspection & testing of individual componentry
- inspection of wear / measurement of tolerances
- provide welding & machining services where necessary
-replacement of faulty componentry (we use & recommend quality Bosch parts)
- rebushing & replacement of shims, roll pins, nuts, fibre washers etc
-vacuum advance testing, re-diaphragmming & plating
- reconditioning distributor housing
- precision reassembly
-recurving & calibration

*all service & rebuild work includes regraphing